About the Conservation Fee

Your conservation fee of $25/week is applied directly to critical conservation efforts at the reserve. Thanks to people like you, we have planted thousands of trees, restored many important habitats and kept the reserve safe for many species.  Aula Global is a unique and wild place that depends on people like you to keep it pristine and vibrant. Unlike most reserves, we have opted out of an important revenue stream by not allow hundreds of tourists to enter the forest each day. For many years the founder of Aula Global has assisted in reserves around the world  and it has become clear that there has been a sharp decline in many sensitive species due to high human traffic, noise and other impacts. A lot of damage has been done in the name of “Eco Tourism”.  Because of our minimum impact policies, visiting Aula Global is a rare opportunity to experience the rain forest in its natural state in an intimate and peaceful setting. By visiting the reserve you are directly contributing to its life, protection and improvement. It is our hope you will fall in love with this amazing place and become a long lasting member of the Aula Global tribe.