Baja Mangrove Project



January 11th – 24th, 2014


Volunteers will be assisting in marine conservation by conducting an in depth study of mangrove forests located in Magdelena Bay, Baja Mexico. The study is open to six volunteers wishing to gain unique field experience in some of the most pristine mangrove areas left on earth.  The goal of this project is to photo document and identify all wildlife found within the mangroves forests and surrounding area over the next 3 years, creating a baseline of data for future scientific and conservation projects. 

Using GPS systems, the density and distribution of each individual sighting will be added to a catalog of all species encountered over the three year period.  Using sea kayaks to navigate the dense labyrinth of mangrove forests, participants will collect samples, note climate and water conditions, photograph and film the insects, birds, reptiles, mollusks and mammals that use the dense vegetation for food and cover.  Participants will learn skills such as animal tracking techniques, GPS data collection, wildlife photography, desert and mangrove natural history, sea kayaking and other wilderness skills. 

Other activities may consist of assisting with blue whale research in the Sea of Cortez, plankton studies and preparing skeleton specimens for a local museum. Community outreach is a critical component of all our projects and participants may also enjoy a day making friends with the locals during a volunteering visit to a local school in a rural fishing village.

No previous training is needed, but volunteers must be willing to share a tent with another volunteer, occasionally wade into deep mud, and participate in camp life such as cooking, cleaning and logistical chores.  This volunteer opportunity is being offered by Raven Adventures, the sister organization of the award-winning non-profit The Global Classroom.  Raven Adventures and The Global Classroom focus on hands-on conservation, community outreach, and environmental education.



To view photos from our Baja Mangroves Project, please visit our gallery!



Do I need any shots?
No shots are needed for any of the Baja programs we offer.  Baja is a great place to travel and unlike mainland Mexico, all the drinking water is safe to drink and the food is excellent.

What if I’m a vegetarian?
All Raven Adventures programs offer vegetarian and vegan meal options.  Please contact us if you have any special dietary needs and we will be happy to work with you.

What do I need to bring?
Click here for a generic equipment list we have used for years with both our student and adult programs.  Though this may not include everything you may want to bring, it is a good example of what you should expect to bring on your trip.  Due to the flexibility of our programs, this list will change depending on the specifics of your trip.  Feel free to contact us if you have more questions.

What if there is a medical emergency? Raven Adventures guides are trained and certified in advanced wilderness medicine and rescue.  In addition, public and private clinics and hospitals are located through out the country.  It’s always advised when traveling internationally to purchase trip cancellation and emergency medical and evacuation insurance.  We can assist you with this if you like.  Most policies can be purchased for under $100 USD.

Will I be able to contact family and friends at home while I am traveling?
On our mangrove program, 75% of your trip takes you to places remote enough to not provide access to phone or internet until we return to civilization.  At the very beginning and end of your trip, you will be in an area with internet cafes and long distance phone possibilities.


Enrollment and Cost:

Raven Adventures strives to offer low-cost high-quality programs and opportunities.   
Internship cost is $900 per person and includes all food, lodging, camping and kayak rentals. Interns will be responsible for their flight/bus from/to Loreto, Mexico.  We have years of experience traveling to Baja and may be able to save you money with plane or bus tickets. 

This program is limited to six interns for the 2014 season and enrollment is on a first come, first served basis.  For more information on how to enroll please visit our Enrollment Page.