Not only are these experiences exciting & educational, they are often life changing.

Our goal at Raven Adventures / Global Classroom is to share with you through hands on projects and experiences, the excitement of connecting to a place and people in ways that you will remember forever. We promise you will be moved when that baby whale comes to greet you in Baja Mexico, or that mother leopard allows her cub to come investigate you when collecting data during our Big Cat Research Project. And through our environmental conservation efforts, each of our trips benefits the communities in which we travel.

Raven Adventures was founded in 1986 out of a desire to share the diverse beauty and wildness of the world with students and adults alike. After his 2 year, around the world journey to 32 countries, founder and adventure guide Colin Garland returned to the United States realizing there is an incredible value to experiencing first hand the far off cultures and wild spaces of the globe while contributing to these places in a positive way.

Because of people like you, hundreds of acres of rain forest are now protected and children in remote villages have clean, safe drinking water. In today’s fast paced, ever connected world, it is easy to be absurdly busy, but at the end of the day realize we accomplished next to nothing. Each and every day there is a child in a far away village who’s life will be change forever simply by your presence.

Several species of unknown insect or orchid could survive because you picked up a shovel and planted some trees. We know it takes a certain motivation and desire to enroll on a trip such as ours and we strive to make it a memorable, life changing experience for you. With over two decades of experience in over 72 countries, we can promise you will not be disappointed. But it is up to you to make the leap.  Contact us at for more details.