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Raven Adventures volunteers conducting coastal survey in Baja California

Mangrove Monitoring Project

Raven Adventures – Mangrove Monitoring Program Raven Adventures plays an active role in global conservation by engaging with local conservationists and nonprofits …

Raven Adventures photo of volunteers with community outreach locals

Community Development and Homestays

Homestay Program For years the sister nonprofit to Raven Adventures, Global Classroom, has been providing life-changing experiences for both volunteers and local …

Raven Adventures volunteer setting up camera traps at Aula Global Biological Reserve photo taken by Colin Garland

Volunteer Research Assistantships

  The Project Global Classroom, the sister organization to Raven Adventures, worked tirelessly along with hundreds of volunteers to preserve a stretch …

Raven Adventures Big Cat Research Project photo of two adult cheetah

The Big Cat Research Project

Raven Adventures – Big Cat Research Project If you have ever dreamed of doing field research in Africa, the Raven Adventures Big …