Community Development and Homestays

Homestay Program

For years the sister nonprofit to Raven Adventures, Global Classroom, has been providing life-changing experiences for both volunteers and local people living in remote villages of Baja, Mexico. Baja peninsula is a little known, sparsely populated paradise where the desert meets the sea. Far removed from the chaos of mainland Mexico and America, Baja is a near forgotten, laid-back place showcasing the rugged mountains of the Sierra de Giganta, which rise up from the blue waters of the Sea of Cortez like fortress walls. Remote fishing villages dot the rugged coasts, azure waters team with life, and uninhabited islands hover just off shore like floating mirages. Separated from the mainland millions of years ago by the constant pulling of the San Andreas fault, the Baja lays claim to dozens of rare and endemic species, ranging from rattle-less rattlesnakes to tiny lizards, from the bizarre Boojum tree to the massive barrel cactus of Isla Monserate. All are found nowhere else on earth.

What to Expect

Global Classroom has been dedicated to delivering thousands of pounds of medical and school supplies to villages damaged by hurricanes or too remote for government assistance. Volunteers are needed to share their time and skills with local children teaching conversational English, physical education, and art in rural communities.

In the past, volunteers have:

  • Constructed waterless composting toilets, benefiting both the community and the surrounding natural environment.
  • Assisted with basic first aid training.
  • Repaired houses and roads damaged by hurricanes.
  • Mobilized large-scale beach clean-ups.

No previous training or Spanish is needed to volunteer. Volunteers need only have an adventurous spirit and an openness to experience new cultures. Local communities are friendly and generous and happy to share their culture and lifestyle with visitors; by day two you will be hand in hand with local children, exploring secret spots, making tortillas from scratch, and milking goats to make cheese. 

What to Know

Projects are located in the villages of Santo Domingo on the west side of the peninsula, and in Agua Verde, one of the most picturesque and remote seaside villages in Baja. You will be responsible for arranging your arrival into Loreto – please contact Colin Garland at if you have any questions regarding your arrival, or if you would like assistance arranging your travel.


The cost for the homestay program is $300. Additionally, food and lodging fees paid directly to your host family average $10/day. If paying through Paypal, be advised there is a service fee.